Super Apps Are Here to Disrupt the Loyalty Space

Super Apps Are Here to Disrupt the Loyalty Space

A Super App is a platform that provides a highly engaging customer experience by leveraging multiple services under one closed ecosystem. Super Apps are rising, in vogue, and can cater to the diverse needs of users.

Gone are the days when a brand worked towards solving only one consumer demand.

Many organizations such as PayTM and PhonePe facilitate recharge and bill payments, TATA Neu offers a slew of services such as grocery shopping, flight booking & more, curating various services with customized payment gateways to create an all-inclusive experience for their users.

Rise of Super Apps

Acting as gatekeepers of the array of things that people do online, such as shopping, socializing, or entertaining themselves, these apps have given way to a world driven by consumers.

The consumers can now decide:

• which service to engage with,
• what payment method to opt for,
• what amount of data to disclose in-app.

According to a report by Exchange4Media, PayTM has around 600 million-plus registered users so far in 2022. While another digital payment and fintech platform, PhonePe has seen 145 million monthly active users in 2021, as per The Economic Times. As per Morgan Stanley Research estimates, the super app revenue growth has the potential to reach up to 23 billion US dollars by 2025.

Benefits of Super Apps

Connecting everyday requirements to create value, the benefits of Super Apps are manifold.

• The user journey to the desired action has reduced due to multiple services being available in a single platform
• There is a single point of interface for several services in the apps
• The consumer database is highly enhanced, which helps in providing a personalized and unique consumer experience.

How are Super Apps helping create consumer ‘stickiness’?

Super Apps aim to strengthen the consumer experience by creating an engagement-led platform and integrating rewards for their consumers.

By integrating tech, rewards, gamification, and digital currencies, these apps help create consumer ‘stickiness’ i.e., loyalty, and reduce sales and marketing expenses for the participating brands.

For example, the recently launched Tata Neu provides a consumer-first, future-proof, integrated experience by offering unmatched benefits and rewards via its newly minted ecosystem-available-only currency, ‘Neu Coins’, in return for in-app interactions.

Super Apps can make Loyalty Programs super!

Every engagement keeps the consumers coming back to the ecosystem, giving them a daily earning potential and a sense of value.

Added benefits like exclusive offers, built-in payment gateways, and early access to product launches under a single platform save users from a “loyalty fatigue” caused due to signing up for multiple programs in different apps.

In-built payment gateways and daily consumer engagement help the apps track consumer behaviour and preferences under one roof, thus, customizing their value propositions accordingly. This makes curating rewards and engagement modules easier for the apps, creating a more personalized experience for the user. The concept of micro burn is integrated into the sophisticated reward network to enhance consistent gratification.

The convenience for consumers and the cross-marketing, cross-sell opportunities for merchants create a mutually benefitting ecosystem within Super apps, boosting loyalty from both ends.

BigCity’s role in the changing the Loyalty space

Having worked with multiple brands on curating reward-relevant and engagement-driven loyalty programs for the consumers and channels, BigCity has managed to create an impactful and enriching portfolio over the last 15 years. Our white-labeled loyalty platforms are integrated with state-of-the-art technology and AI, enhancing platform customization, automation algorithms, auditor integration, and more.

We offer a wide range of services, from the creation of a comprehensive loyalty platform to the implementation of custom-made functionalities, to drive consumer loyalty for brands. Creating an all-in-one platform like a Super App, we consolidate engagement modules like gamification, contests, sweepstakes, and instant wins that are backed by seamless technology to create a win-win strategy for brands and their consumers.

With a vast network of merchant partners, we have a gamut of relevant rewards, digital or experiential, that ensures customer delight and trust. Whether it’s leaderboards, point-based or punch card programs, we offer wholesome solutions to drive loyalty for you.

As Super Apps gain a wider audience, high engagement and a rich database have come into play. The loyalty program space in Super Apps is therefore ready to revamp itself—a change that BigCity is ready to lead with ideas, experience, and expertise.

To create the perfect promotion or loyalty program related to your marketing goals, please write to us at

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