5 Factors that enhance Customer Engagement beyond the Transactions

5 Factors that enhance Customer Engagement beyond the Transactions

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement Beyond Transactions

Today’s consumers are by default digital natives. Anyone with a mobile phone has become accustomed to seamless omnichannel purchasing experiences. Anything less just doesn’t cut it and could reflect inversely on your brand.

In fact, this impeccable experience, or a lack of it, can be the deciding factor at the point of purchase as to whether customers buy your product or from someone else’s.

The transaction, of course, takes just seconds, but it is in this crucial phase, brands should ensure that they have come up with user journeys that not only outshine their competitors but also start to drive the relationship beyond the transactional phase.


Let’s face the reality. There are 8 billion people in this world and for a brand, it’s always the consumers who call the shots. And in this internet era, 86% of customers will pay more for a better customer experience.

So how does a brand devise a consumer promotion that involves a user-centered approach?

This is where marrying technology with rewards comes into the bigger picture.

Strategically planned, tech-enabled solutions tend to deliver a seamless journey. When combined with Digital Rewards, it not only adds value but also develops an emotional relationship with the customers. Especially a personalized one!

It is said that 51% of customers are more likely to stay loyal to businesses that offer timely personalized suggestions and updates as part of their customer experience.


A frictionless and consistent buying journey is the hallmark of a seamless customer experience.

Let’s dive into the major contributing factors that create an overall smooth and fruitful expedition.

1. Understanding the Ubiquitous User Journey

In a nutshell, the user journey can be categorized into 5 scenarios.

  • Awareness: The customer becomes aware of a particular product.
  • Consideration: The customer researches and considers purchasing the product.
  • Purchase: The customer purchases the product.
  • Retention: The customer finds the product useful or enjoyable and makes a purchase again.
  • Advocacy: The customer recommends the business/products to others.

A definite achievement of the above-mentioned scenarios can assure a brand of a seamless experience and a closer customer relationship. These procured and positive changes to the customer journey have been proven to lift customer satisfaction by 20%.

2. The Right & Relevant Rewards

Astute marketers know they need to reach customers on an individual level that creates added value and drives action — repeatedly.

Digital rewards or e-gifts create opportunities for high-value marketing touchpoints. Additionally, integrating experiential rewards, sweepstakes that offer every-minute wins, and assured rewards with instant redemptions, all work hard to win the hearts and minds of customers beyond the transaction.

Modern customers value immediacy, expecting quick and personalized engagement. This drives companies to find ways of brand building via technology; another way of delivering convenience and connecting on a one-on-one level.

3. Power of Personalization 

The engaged customer is a more valuable customer. Whatever channel they arrive through, customers today expect a more personalized approach and consistent engagement.

With 71% of consumers feeling frustrated by impersonal shopping experiences, it’s clear enough that a personalised customer experience is now the expected norm.

Consumer promotions that offer personalized tactics in terms of rewards or platforms boost customer engagement too. Not only that, but brands that leverage tailored mechanisms in their loyalty programs gain traction in loyalty metrics and turn customers into brand loyalists.

4. The Impact of Immediacy

Immediacy improves efficiency in the long run. A digitally conscious customer expects an enhanced experience.

What’s more? A customer’s need for connectivity challenges brands to act as a whole rather than comfortably exist in silos. Real-time engagement is the new black of marketing, hence immediate assistance to customers is another key to fulfilling customer expectations.

For instance, integrating a chatbot that addresses customer queries on a live chat, using easy reward redemption platforms like WhatsApp or a custom-built microsite, devising instant-win mechanisms, etc. are some of the strategies that can be used to reduce friction and build immediate connection.

5. The Effect of the Experience

Creating a seamless, personalised experience alone will drive relationships beyond the transaction.

But to truly drive long-term emotional bonds with the brand, marketers need to ensure they are not just rewarding customers, but also giving them a cherished and added value experience.

If you are in any doubt, just check the social media feeds of your customers, you won’t find any uploads of discounts, but you will find plenty of examples where brands have given them a more rewarding day. Combined with tech, these are the memories and occasions which truly drive the relationship beyond the transaction.


Consequently, as competition increases, customer experience may be one of the few ways left for companies to set themselves apart or create an advantage in the market.

When it comes to providing a truly seamless customer experience, sterling customer service is the most crucial factor of all. Especially when combined with rewards that create joyful memories.

The great news is that creating this blend of technology and rewards to create exquisite experiences is now easier to achieve than ever before.

And that’s where BigCity comes in.

Working with over 400+ brands across sectors and conceptualizing over 6000 campaigns, we provide solutions that marry cutting-edge tech with unique reward strategies to deliver superior service and seamless, personalized experiences.

To summarize, BigCity helps brands in

  • Delivering real-time engagement
  • Personalizing solutions as per business needs
  • Creating a consistent experience across multiple touchpoints
  • Driving engagement across channels

To create enhanced customer engagement through your next promotional campaign, drop us a line at marketing@bigcity.in today!

Customer Engagement

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