We offer over 3000 experiential rewards across categories, which ensure that brands have options which suit their positioning, customers and program budget. Our experts can put together a reward program, which fetch your customers higher perceived value on every purchase.

Dining & QSR
Dining & QSR
Dining & QSR

The way to a customer’s heart is

through the stomach. Indulge your

premium customers with a fine

dining experience or a wine tasting,

or give the millennials free pizzas

and burgers, or a coffee for two -

free food is always a hit irrespective

of customer segments.

Movies & Entertainment
Movies & Entertainment
Movies & Entertainment

‘Mogambo khush hua’, because he

got a free movie ticket! Movie

rewards are one of our most

popular incentives which cover a

wide customer base. Our other

entertainment rewards include

concert tickets, clubbing rewards,

magazine subscriptions and more.

Mobile/Data Recharge
Mobile/Data Recharge
Mobile/Data Recharge

For easy-peasy instant gratification,

Mobile/Data Recharge rewards are

the way to go. Our extensive

partnerships pan India ensure that

we cover all pre-paid and post-paid

subscribers; and our simple

redemption mechanic puts an

instant smile on the customers face.

Beauty & Spa
Beauty & Spa
Beauty & Spa

Because ‘Women make the world

go round’ - almost always targeting

women across segments, our

beauty and spa rewards have a

high perceived value and never fail

to delight. Our beauty and spa

rewards cover all services offered

at salons and spas pan India.

Adventure & Activities
Adventure & Activities
Adventure & Activities

Incentivize your customers with

activities and give them an

experience money can’t buy.

Choose from a variety of adventure

sports and activities like paint ball,

bowling, scuba diving, and so on,

and delight your thrill-seeking



We always lobby for hobbies!

Hobby lessons and kits make for a

very interesting incentive for

children and adults alike. Want to

target a niche? We can offer a

bouquet of hobbies to choose from

and source experience providers

near your customers.

Fitness & Sports
Fitness & Sports
Fitness & Sports

Fitness is the new mantra and we

are on board! Delight the fitness

freaks with gym memberships,

yoga lessons, taekwondo classes,

and so on. We have an extensive

network of partners to ensure your

customer don’t travel too far for

fitness’ sake.


Health is wealth, and in our case, a

great gift! Choose from a variety of

healthcare services and check-ups

provided by reputed service

providers Incentivize your

customers with free healthcare

services and vouchers relevant to

your brand positioning.


A little retail therapy for customer

delight? Pamper your customers

with shopping vouchers and gift

cards from their favourite brands.

Our team can source exclusive

deals at competitive prices which

have higher perceived value for


Digital Rewards
Digital Rewards
Digital Rewards

Digital revolution is here to stay and

we are already in the game with a

variety of digital rewards across

categories like content, data, retail,

food and so on. Incentivize

customers with instant online

redemption that perfectly

complements your campaign.


The best things in life are free!

Reward customers with gifts at POS

and watch your sales grow like

magic. Increasingly popular as

incentives on contests and loyalty

programs, choose from a range of

branded merchandise, electronics,

household items and so on.


Everyone’s been bitten by the travel

bug, which makes travel a great

reward to incentivize purchases.

Choose from travel tickets, tour

packages, hotel stays and other

related products and services to

turbo charge your marketing


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