At-home Rewards – A Brand’s Guide to Marketing during COVID-19

At-home Rewards – A Brand’s Guide to Marketing during COVID-19

The New Normal

It’s been approximately two months now since the Coronavirus began to turn our lives over. From practicing social distancing and becoming accustomed to an indoors-only existence to constantly washing hands and wearing masks, the Coronavirus is something none of us anticipated. Be that as it may, this new normal is digging in for the long haul.

While advertisers and marketers are progressively thinking about how consumption patterns will change post COVID-19 and the lockdown – the undeniable answer is that everybody will be less wealthy, expecting an income decline, and will see contracting utilization world over.


Adapting to the New Normal for Your Brand

In such a situation, it is forecasted that individuals will spend on necessities first (this could incorporate replacing a broken smartphone or air conditioner, not just eatables and college fees). For getting a bit of the “ideal to have yet can manage without” expenditure, there will be a fierce cross-classification fight (buy a microwave now but paint your home one year from now or scale down the wedding).

In between all of these, consumers will have to be engaged with and targeted in a way where they are able to make a choice and pick your brand over the many others in the market. And this will be a tough race. To be seen, or to stand apart among the 100 brands that are and will contend in this race, offering your customers what they need and when they need it will stand essential – the entirety of this, while demonstrating that you care for them.


Re-imagined Marketing Strategy; Re-invented Rewards

In these uncertain times, brands are expected to not just reach out to but keep consumers engaged with various added incentives regardless of purchase. At BigCity, we have re-imagined the rewarding strategyand reinvented our Reward network in a way where your marketing is on-point during these tough times.

To tick-off objectives of not just sales boost but also repeat purchase and induced loyalty, we have curated “At-home Rewards” keeping in mind the current consumer behaviour as below.



Because Indians are currently at home and have picked up new digital activities actively (source: McKinsey & Company), our ‘At-home Rewards’ catalogue includes,

  • Digital Content and Entertainment
  • Digital Magazines and Books
  • Digital Activities and Classes
  • Online Learning and Skills
  • Food delivery
  • Digital Fitness and Wellness
  • Digital Doctor Consultations
  • Digital Kids Programs


Beginning Of The New Normal for Brands

Will the fear of stepping out make us want to stay indoors? We are already seeing social distancing being given the go-by whenever the lockdown is lifted even slightly. So no, don’t hold your breath expecting COVID-19 to develop a ‘brand-new consumer’.


Indeed, consumers are in an uncommon state of pause and have the opportunity to tune in, to reflect, to rethink what satisfies their requirements best—that is the chance, and the ‘keep an eye out’, for brands and advertisers alike. Let us help you re-imagine your marketing strategies through our rewarding solutions and make life somewhat simpler for your consumers now. Contact us today at



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