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Axis Bank Customer Priviledges

While compliance with new regulations and keeping track of competitors remains a major challenge, maintaining customer loyalty is by far the biggest challenge for the financial services sector. Earlier, corporate gifting and priviledge programs were handled at branch-level at Axis…

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Kotak Silk Loyalty Rewards Program

Specially crafted for the modern woman, Kotak Silk savings account offers the best of all worlds be it dining, finance or lifestyle. Designed to supplement women in their financial management in the best possible way, Kotak Mahindra wanted to run…

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Wipro MCB Loyalty Program for Electricians

Wipro’s target market for its Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB) are electricians in Tier II cities, SEC C & D. Wipro MCB did not have a database of these customers and therefore the customers were unknown in addition to being inaccessible…

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Maruti Suzuki Loyalty Program

Maruti Suzuki Autocard is a unique loyalty reward program designed exclusively for the owners of Maruti Suzuki Cars. The Autocard program is an engaging and unique initiative for customers to enjoy maximized benefits and valuable experiences. Maruti Suzuki, wanted to…

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