Swipe Right to a Perfect Valentine’s Day Sales Promotion

Swipe Right to a Perfect Valentine’s Day Sales Promotion


No one can blame your brand for getting behind on Valentine’s Day promotions. Most consumers are still clearing away Christmas decor and comparing New Year’s resolutions when February rolls around. The next thing you know, every consumer is out there scrambling for ways to impress a sweetheart.

In a 2018 Offers.com survey, 32 percent of consumers said they wait until the week of Valentine’s Day to shop and explore promos around it, and 9 percent put it off until the big day. With some quick planning, you can take advantage of this last-minute consumer insight to attract procrastinators. Check out these simple Valentine’s Day promotion ideas to reel in extra holiday business.


Offer at Every Sight…



Give your customers a reason to choose your brand over a competitor. Offering an assured reward, especially experiential is a great way to attract people who are already planning to shop and can act as an added incentive. For customers who are already on the fence, experiential rewards act as a value-add with a higher perceived value.


For literally any age group, your reward offering can range from movie tickets for sweethearts or day-outings for couples. Your brand can also giveaway non-relevant rewards, which also work the best for a young TG – cab rides and cashback!


We-Day for the ones in Love!

Often times, customers are convinced to make a purchase when they see more value in a reward than that of the product. In such cases, giving customers what they expect can become a challenge. To tackle this, a buy one get one deal always stands out. But, instead of lowering the brand value with a BOGO on a product, give them a BOGO reward! These BOGO rewards can be 5-star restaurant dining, coffee at premium brew houses, and even flight tickets.


Celebrate Singles – Make it a Me-Day



Well, last but not the least, inclusion is the keyword of 2020 – and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, how can brands miss out on the singles? With an offer targeted at singles, you’ll appeal to a demographic that often either ignores or has a certain disdain for V-Day. According to a study from Elite Daily, 47% of single women and 65% of single men would prefer doing nothing over Valentine’s Day. By offering rewards ranging from free streaming subscriptions (like Netflix, Prime), movie-for-one annual cards, cab vouchers, day-at-the-spa experiences, food delivery vouchers and much more your brand can turn the V-day into Me-Day in no time!


Elevate the Season of Gifting

We know how important gifting is. Whether your brand is big on budget or low, gift vouchers across categories like shopping, health, spa and salon, and even fun activities are a great way to spread brand love during Valentine’s Day. To gain customer loyalty and to engage with your TG, Valentine’s Day is the best season to shower some gift voucher love – where your customers can pick and choose what they want when they want.


Indulge in the ‘GAME’ of Love

When it comes to marketing during the season of love, consumers are attracted to brand promos which entertain and inform. Branded mini-games are short mobile web games packed with powerful social features that fit in perfectly. As trends in promo marketing are moving from just physical (merchandise) giveaways to digitally savvy rewards, marketers are on a lookout for a tech-enabled solution for new age promos. And what better than to directly connect with your audience on a platform they use 24×7, 365 days – Smartphones.  You can also integrate an element of a particular product or SKU into a gaming experience for consumers. From increasing brand awareness to higher customer retention to increase in sales; all of which can be achieved via games during Valentine’s Day period.


‘Spice It Up’ for The Big Day



Sweepstakes during the Valentine’s Day season are the best way to attract footfall for the retail industry and grab eyeballs for the FMCG sector. The days approaching Valentine’s Day are usually the days when people are out there buying their sweethearts a gift of love. Large scale sweepstakes that let customers win a trip to Paris, a car or even a massive home theatre system will prove successful if launched the right way and communicated so. Sweepstakes give you a chance to also get interested customers’ data for future campaigns, they also keep your budget in check as opposed to assured rewards, and at the max – they help you build a loyal customer base especially when customers make a repeat purchase to secure their chances for a grand prize.




Given the trend in higher disposable incomes and spends during occasions like Valentine’s Day, the opportunities for brands across sectors are only growing. Brands can now try new creative ways to engage with customers and run occasion-based promotions. Are you looking for ideas to run promotions this upcoming season? Then talk to our experts today who can concoct the perfect formula for a big bang – A campaign that fits your brief, budget, and positioning. Drop us an email at marketing@bigcity.in or visit www.bigcity.in to know more.


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