Creating Impactful Trade Promotions during COVID-19

Creating Impactful Trade Promotions during COVID-19


It’s been roughly five months now since the Coronavirus started to flip our lives upside down. From having to practice social distancing and getting used to life without the outdoors, the Coronavirus is something none of us expected. But this new normal is here to stay. While marketers are increasingly wondering how consumption will change post ease of lockdown and effect of this on consumer behavior – there is one strong channel that has stood by and will stand by your brand despite all odds and uncertainties – Your Trade and Channel Partners.


Why is it Necessary for your Brand to run Trade Promotions during COVID-19?

In a consumer-centric environment where the consumer is considered the king, recent COVID-19 times have compelled companies to consider their trade and channel partners, like retailers, and wholesalers, as crucial assets and thereby making a Trade Reward Programs so important.

Although India saw a supply chain crisis at the beginning of the lockdown period, things during the upcoming months are going to spice up – with consumers looking to shop across every sector. And who else but your Trade Channel Partners will play an integral role. Therefore, it is time for your brand to recognize and support your Trade Channel Partners with substantial rewards through gratifying programs that show that you not only care for them, but they are the true heroes during these tough times…


Rewarding your Trade Channel Partners the Right Way

On a regular day in the Pre-COVID era, Trade channel partners were incentivized via discounts, percentage offs, and cash benefits. With the onset of COVID-19 since March-April, your trade channel partners have worked hard relentlessly through the clock to deliver products and services to your end-users no matter the situation.

Nothing comes before the safety and well-being of your channel partners. And while your brand has done everything that it can in its capacity to help trade channel partners to be safe with sanitizer points, masks, PPE kits, and so on – a reward that your brand can offer as an extension of care especially for your frontline salespersons is always cherished.

Offering your trade channel rewards that are incentivizing not just for them but also for their families in these tough times or even gift vouchers are a way to boost your trade channel’s morale and perform risk-free in the field.


Let’s Team Up!

A well-strategized channel or partner reward program can positively influence the willingness, and motivation of your channel partners to recommend and sell your products and services. In these tough times, a value-driven relationship with your channel will make them feel motivated and appreciated. If you are interested in running a trade program with above rewards or wish to customize rewards of your choice, write to our experts, on today!



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