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Women’s Horlicks BMD Test recepient

I convey my sincere thanks to BigCity team for giving my wife a free BMD test. It is a great step to provide such a useful offer to elderly women. We are obliged by the assistance we have received, moreover…

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Philips Action Fit Activity Winner

Last year we purchased Philips headphones, with which we received a Gift Coupon and had a chance to win a bike. We couldn't have imagined that we could ever win, so we didn't preserve the coupon - since we feel…

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Loreal Hair Color Festival Contest Winner

I had always thought that all scratch card contests were fraud and so I never participated in any of them. I had never even won a kg. of potatoes till now! In today's life when and nothing comes for free,…

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Kelloggs Chocos On-pack Movie GV Winner

My two kids, Allen & Andreea love Kelloggs Chocos and keep looking out for on pack offers. They get really excited about each pack they buy. Allen insisted I buy and opt in for this offer, though I am always…

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