Technology and Customer Loyalty: An Evolving Relationship

Technology and Customer Loyalty: An Evolving Relationship

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Welcome to the age of smart devices, technological advancements, and smart loyalty programs!

Gaining customer loyalty has become increasingly difficult in an ever-expanding, digital-first marketplace. With new platforms getting added to the mix every day, and experiential tech evolving rapidly, consumers are leaning more towards brands that provide them tech-based gratification and experiences that minimize action at their end.

No wonder brands are migrating their loyalty programs to online platforms combining AR, AI, NFT, and are focusing to deliver experiences and gratification that befit the expectations of a digital-first audience. Not only is this helping brands deliver novel experiences to their customers, but also is helping them make loyalty programs faster, seamless, and a lot less expensive and sustainable in the long run.

Then Vs. Now

Before we dive into the now, let’s travel back in time when brands used card-based programs to garner customer loyalty.

Acquisition, logistics, customer service, fulfillment, and grievance management among many other operational tasks become a colossal challenge for scalability. Over the years, technological advancements like automation and AI have made running loyalty programs seamless, less manpower dependent, and scalable.

Stamp cards have now been replaced by web-based, app-based, SMS-based loyalty programs. Some of BigCity’s recent best works involve creating a customized loyalty app for a world-renowned beer brand with exciting engagement modules, and rewards that cater to their young and dynamic TG.

While technology is booming today, customers have now gained access to information and delight at their fingertips. Apps like Telegram, ShareChat, and WhatsApp have become ubiquitous and have brought convenience and accessibility to communication all across. Brands these days can easily deploy a smooth user journey and integrate reward redemption on these apps leading to a seamless and wholesome loyalty experience. 

For instance, BigCity’s WhatsApp-based loyalty program integrating an earn-and-burn tactic for a leading automobile lubricant brand has helped garner channel loyalty, increased counter share, and digitized trade offers.

What’s in store for the future?

Statista forecasts that the global spending on customer experience technology will rise to USD 640 billion this year. Integrating cutting edge technological practices opens infinite possibilities:

➜ Hyper-customization of platforms to make each user’s journey tailor-made to his or her liking

➜ Instant digital gratification that leads to seamless redemption building trust and loyalty for the brand.

➜ Geo-targeting that helps multiple versions of your loyalty program in different regions simultaneously

➜ Real-time engagement via artificial intelligence and immersive AR technology can deliver an ‘instant wow’ factor amongst the user base, making them come back for more!

360-degree campaigns are not the needs, they are the norm

Connection, Consistency, and Convenience: these aspects encapsulate a potent pull for the customers today. They are surrounded by a series of seamless touchpoints ranging from websites, emails, and social media to messaging apps where they can interact with a brand. An omnichannel strategy can help brands cross-sell, up-sell, and retarget their products by making quick decisions based on the vast amounts of data collected in the process.

We believe, a consistent brand experience can propel modern users towards a more cohesive and real-time engagement. Combining online engagement tactics like gamification, AR, chatbots and digital contests helps you harness the power of conversational commerce to deliver superior consumer experiences.

The edge we can give to your Loyalty program

At BigCity, we specialize in building customised loyalty programs based on data-backed parameters powered by a robust reward network and instant gratification. BigCity’s loyalty programs are modular and highly customizable based on your brand’s specific requirements and your audience.

Do you have a loyalty requirement that you think we can help you with? Get in touch with us at, and we can curate a tactical loyalty program together.

customer loyaltyEngagementTechnology

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