Marketing Right in the Big, Cautious Festive Season!

Marketing Right in the Big, Cautious Festive Season!


It is that time of the year again when almost all Indians are a brand’s TG with the festive season beginning from Ganesh Chaturthi in August to Christmas in December. It also used to be the time when we loosened our purse strings and go on a shopping spree, since everything we need and don’t need, is available at ‘unbelievable’ prices and offers.


This year, since the COVID-19 outbreak, and the panic around it, brands and customers alike are on the fence – with spending and marketing respectively. While social distancing is encouraged, distancing from engaging with your TG? Maybe not… especially when the Festive season is only a few weeks away. We’re giving you highlights of how you can engage with your TG and what marketing tactics your brand can explore to run festive promotions and create a big dhamaaka!



Strategy from Last Year, This time…won’t Work!

Last year around the same time brands like yours formed strategies to engage with consumers by giving away discounts and one-plus-one-free schemes. Your brand may have also experimented with the ‘usual gifting’ – a free pen or a free diya or even a free diary.

But this festive season is evidently different. In our experience of running promotional programs for over 15+ years, we have never seen a market so different and so volatile – with constantly changing rules around stepping out, a new normal in the making and a frustrated consumer who is on the fence of whether to step out or to stay in? All of this will affect consumer behavior and purchase patterns.


When the festive season is only a few weeks away, your brand and customers both are at a flux and we’re here to help you navigate these tough waters, easily.


So then, what will work?

With no vaccine and no cure, COVID-19 is here to stay for a while. And while we do not want to run down all the pre-festive fun by stating this fact, your brand can make the most of the current situation by giving your customer what they exactly want and showing that you care. In this wake of life, BigCity’s Stay-In, Step-Out Rewards are here to make the festive season a joy in your customers’ life. Whether you are giving it away on every purchase, every engagement, or as a part of big sweepstakes. At BigCity we something for all your customers –

  • Those already prepping to step out for their festive season shopping
  • Those only looking forward to staying inside for months to come and making a purchase online


Building Relevancy

An emotional connection built with your customers will go way longer than the sales generated. Rewarding every single customer helps build a stronger brand, especially in these current times. So, what are some relevant rewards your brand can leverage this festive season? For those planning to spend their festive season on the inside can stay entertained digitally or get their festive season glam and shopping done with online gift vouchers. For those who want to enjoy experiences on the outside (when they open up, of course) – can be rewarded with relevant entertainment rewards and dining offers.


Digital Redemptions for A Digital Era

Let’s address the next obvious question – During this pandemic, how will my brand deliver these exciting rewards to the customers? Well, BigCity’s cutting edge Technologies will facilitate premium redemption for all your customers. Ranging from online to SMS to microsite based.


Best-In-Class Reward Partners

Whether your objective this festive season is to increase sales & revenue, increase footfalls, induce brand positioning, create a buzz or simply showing that you care – we have an extensive reward curation supplied by best-in-class partners.


Team Up for a Responsible, yet Dhamakedaar Season!

No matter what, as accountable marketers, we have to ask, what are we doing to make our customers feel safe, make our customers feel that they are cared for? Whether simply rewards or big prizes to be won, the sentiment is right on – making life easier in these tough times.

Reach out to us at to explore festive season promotions, contests, sweepstakes, loyalty programs, extensive digital programs and much more!



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